Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Street Down the Memory Lane

Every picture has a story, every picture is my memory, that makes my life a beauty :) 
- chee su yin

"Down the memory lane"

"Childhood memory"

"The Street"

Near the beach- always
this picture looks like in Hawaii :p

"The Jagung Parut" - I guess it's only available in Terengganu. It's simply delicious.
One of the many reasons I love taking pictures, almost every corner of the world, is to keep my memory as fresh as today in the coming days. As time passes, they will fade. I want them to stay. Be it good or bad, they have made my life so beautiful. And, of course, indeed very interesting as well. I have been staying in a place of all strangers for 3 years. A place that I would not dream to capture any memories. Yet, when time is passing in great speed, sweet memories come along. They changed me.

Camera: my mobile phone. I named it HERO

Since I do not own a DSLR, my pictures need a few layers of filters to give a satisfying effect. If I'm lucky, my pictures can remain unedited with only flash on :)
I hope you enjoy seeing them


  1. naise.... ! u will get DSLR soon!

  2. omg so pretty!!! terengganu captured in a blog post

    1. thanks <3 you guys are the best! and the reason I capture every moment :)