Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Unleash

The moments of treasure
I have millions
The single moment the most beautiful leaf passed by me
The shortest moment a decent stranger gave me a quick glimpse
The briefest moment I stepped on the softest spot of sand
The moment I had my time of my life spending with you without knowing your name
The moments are once in life and never come back
They are just like the pictures I took
I may take the same pictures with exact similar pose
but neither the swirls nor clouds are going to stay the same for the second time
They are once in a lifetime.
I call them the unleashed moments of treasure
such detail moments passing by us everyday without realising

Enjoy my photographs :)

The Swirls
the above picture is unedited. i just love the lighting

The Unleashed Solar

My first day of internship is tomorrow :(