Sunday, 25 March 2012

Remorse and Love

Remorse the life passed on is not bringing me any further
I know that I can't go back to something that I slipped away
but, I do not wish to witness something that could recall the past 
Do I have a choice?
I never like to escape from reality
I don't want to hold myself back
However, it's not wrong to choose to be happy
at least for a short moment
I have been thinking so much about life that I'm searching
I almost lost remembrance that I could create a life that I want
I just need to go through the obstacles running in my blood and veins.

Enjoy my photographs I created 
 I present you the 1930's 

Romeo and Juliet

The Air of Love

Your Existence

A girl with an unbreakable dream

Afterall, I'm just an ordinary person
we, just like the birds chirping on a love tree
building me a castle with branches and dried leaves
waiting for you in my kingdom
with a petal of rose flower at your beak
crossing half of the globe to find my love
caress my feather with your wings of courage
such love I adore so much
our life is so short and fragile
waking up seeing your smile every morning
only the soul of love compiles me
your existence is my endearment
- creative writing by Chee Su Yin 

 i think the photographs are more amazing with love poetic words, coupled with a love song. hehe. my favourite, flightless bird, american mouth :)
did a lil' studies on the early 1900's photographs. i love the sepia and black and white effect so much. besides, the photos last for a longer period with great conditions compared to now.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Art is all the definitions

It's my blog 2-month-old today :)
I thought it was hard to find inspiration to take pictures in my campus
but then, I realised that art is all the definitions.

Enjoy my photographs :)
This machine vehicle is too adorable. I took a few shots of it after my class :)

Hello, I'm Zen-Noh and I'm handsome :p this is a spoiler but i like the angle :)

my days have been hectic lately and homesick.
-but, there was a moment that I was so sick and tired yet I appreciate that very moment as I know it's gonna be my unforgettable sweet memory with my friends in Terengganu :)

life is too short. laugh and smile while you still have teeth. lol. saw this post in my fb news feed

law dinner is tomorrow. been busy making the lil' disco balls :p

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Standing is not easy


-a lil' change of my perception towards the foreign workers-
 A better one. :)

Thank you for not asking my phone number.
Thank you for not having a long conversation with me
Thank you for not whistling me
Thank you for not staring at me from head to toe
Thank you for showing your boundaries between us
Thank you for lending me your hands
Thank you for giving me a comfort zone in work.

Earning money is never easy
not believing me for working is even harder
maybe the way I behaved
now that you know
I grew up in a castle
but I am trained in a military
neither walk in front nor
behind me
try standing besides me
you will know my journey
and not my destination.

with love,

totally worn out -.-"

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Remote Control

What's inside me?
Almost indescribable 
Never bother to search
Complication much
Unheard whisper remains 
Pause button needed.
-owning a remote controller is the loneliest thing

the tears of all dreams

the hidden beauty

the plant of all hope

such pretty shop hidden in the town. above pictures were taken in this shop :)

vintage much' -in my campus

-just random photographs captured in kuala terengganu-

Days have been very tense. Everyone seems so serious and strained. I'm still stuck in my world of slow-motion.
Give me fast-forward button as well.