Monday, 13 August 2012

My last name, 音 (yīn)

Sound from the heart

People are billions in this earth.
Could you listen to my heart beats whispering?
How many intentions are spilled for peace?
Releasing the sound from the heart is like capturing a gust of wind to be seen.
Sound from the heart is indeed a special element.

Chinese language is a very unique pictorial language.
My last name, means sound. By adding (xin) which mean heart at the bottom, it becomes (yi) means intention. Doesn't the look like a jumping heart? What is intention without the sound from the heart?
 Isn't it amazing?
 I learnt this from a book entitled 'Chinese Cinderella' by Adeline Yen Mah. 
It's a non-finction novel.
This book made me teared in 3 parts. ergh. darnit. 
nobody will believe that I teared :p

Enjoy my photographs!

Bee-attack but nothing stops me from standing still

The Unwanted
I was being scribbled, stabbed, chased, critised, and unwanted but I am still here, feeling unbeatable by anyone

Heart drops


 Being 'unique' derives from the purest heart.




Love, chee su yin