Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The beauty of mother earth

I love no club, I love no crowd, the simplicity of life is all I adore.

Enjoy :)


Ever wonder how lengthy does this tree has to grow this tall?
and so is my dream

but patience is all it takes

© Chee Su Yin Photography

Camera: Samsung Nexus S mobile phone

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Simplicity of Life

Simplicity of life
That would be my highest enjoyment in life
but achieving it is almost akin to a lost battle.
There are so much fights in my body.
I am so so weak to go against everything that had in me,
that brings me down, so near to giving up.
BUT, never I would give up even the darkest part of me appear.
 There is a missing piece. Just a missing piece.
If only I could find it, or figure it out what it is.
will never I lost in silence again.

I am still fighting the threat and thunder
till.... I win the battle.
In life, there is always a redemption.
Although there are thousands miles and rushing ocean towards me
 I know, I will achieve
the simplicity of life one day.
The day I can smell the ocean and sea sweet.
The day the night and day are fresh and calm.

Enjoy my photographs :)

Sometimes, it's fine to be alone

The Road trip - only in East Coast
Behind the beauty is the ocean

Save the Planet


The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated-  Mahatma Gandhi

 my camera phone works as well as digital cameras

that's me :p


I really enjoy photographing. It helps me to express myself when no words can be described :)

I'm a busy bee. The pictures are the compilation of the days I missed to post in my blog. My days have been so good. Good times never last long. Final examination is 2 months away. It's time for me to enter the war and battle to death :p

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


When doubt exists, pull off.
doubt is never right.
don't think in a trice.

Doubt, a form of negative pressure pushing in one person.
It kills like a rusted blunt knife into flesh.
putting me into nowhere position, dilemma it seems.

When doubt comes, my mind is like a mixture of oil and water,
never blend together.
they stuck in their very own position.
ended up, lost.

I am still using my mobile phone to capture "the moment of art" :p
I have no idea when to get my dslr. 
still having doubt with my skills and commitment, I guess.

Enjoy my photographs :)

"the hidden joy"

"I tried to shine but you covered me with branches and leaves".
my mobile phone catches a lot of noise in the dark :(

I am always in doubt, not because I'm lost.
 Because I love both left and right troops. 
yes, ended up alone.
then, the unheard whisper.