Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Final

To people that have been reading my blog posts, I would like to bit goodbye.
This final post marks my very end and last writing here in my blog.
I really truly appreciate to those who had been willing to open a tab to view my blog, to see my thoughts and of course, to feel my art photography.
I started writing my blog a year ago around Chinese New Year and also would like to end at the same time a year after.
I wanted to see my development in myself when I started writing, not only my interest in photography but mainly to improve my expression towards everything to everyone.
However, I realized that I am who I am.
Showing words to the whole world wasn't me.
All that I cared most were my thoughts to my loved ones.
I couldn't help it that I love speaking to my heart since ever and
my actions will never lie.

I'm going to miss writing but I must understand that human can never fight their very own nature.
Anyway, I will be posting my photography in my facebook page :)


My last picture
-absolute unedited-

A New World


it's really difficult to end something that had been embedded for a very long time. But sometimes, I need to let go to welcome a better new world that I had missed. There is no beginning without an end and vice versa.

Friday, 7 December 2012

I wish to be 'you'

I wished to be like you
Have you ever knew?

I wished to speak you.
I wished to tear ... like you.
I wished to dance ... like you.
I wished to be an out-going you.
I wished to have my utmost faith in God ... like you.

I wished.
But, I could not be like you.
Our street of life was different and still, our path has never changed.
We are who we are.
We are limited edition in our very own way.
Never right for us to judge
before having an absolute understanding
for the reasons of every each our behaviours
for who are we today. 

Enjoy my night photography :)

The Night of Many Years

Light up

I love 'me'

Good night, everyone


Friday, 23 November 2012

The street of life

I do not deny the grieves that I have
So many regrets from my past
I must say I am very ashamed almost all of them
til now.
Too many mistakes that I could avoid
yet, my self-control failed me.
How could I repay every each of the grieves I put myself into?
How could I apologise?
I know I am not perfect
I know nobody is
I clearly understand everyone makes mistakes that we would regret
But, I do not take the sayings above as an excuse
It's taking an advantage of myself being out of control
It is never right.
How could I repair?
Maybe I couldn't
For the grieves are my reminders.
My Lessons. 

Enjoy my street photography 

The Street of Life

It's too late to say too late
"the most griefful part in life when things turn too late to even say too late"

Be Still


Shut the memories


I may have all the unwanted grieves but I'm glad to realize the mistakes. Some people they burst around like being diagnosed with mad-cow disease. That's have to be cured.

It's been awhile since I last blogged. Days have been hectic but I will try to blog at least once a month.