Monday, 30 January 2012


Time passes of a speed of a roller coaster. I need to push rewind. 

Enjoy my black and white photographs :)
They are more difficult than the colored ones. 
CNY 2012
City of Love and Romance
29.01.2012 - "A Day to Remember"

-I need some advices on black & white photography. The photographs taken are not satisfying enough. hmm..

-I'm having a great time in this CNY. I've been busy like a bee since the first day of CNY. Caught with flu on the second day, yet, I am still energetic like usual. Gonna miss this semester break. Oh time, please slow down. How could i catch up with you?

Saturday, 21 January 2012


there are many things I would like to say but not a word in my head.
-inspired by diane birch

feelings shut like a vampire.
weathers change drastically everyday
but things unsaid remain the same.

Enjoy my photographs :)

lil' vintage today

lots of tears from the sky today.

p/s: my blog is a-week-old today :)
Thank you so much for viewing my photographs. I really appreciate the time you spent. I have almost 300 views in this 7 days. Each view of my posts means a lot to me :)

Friday, 20 January 2012


Ever feel like the day is just between the soil and the sky, nothing in between. Such a despair to be a weight for you. Always besieged with force and flame, feeling stranded. My apology.  The silence of emptiness is tormenting.

Today's pictures are a little different from my previous posts. Enjoy :)

tough picture..phew!
Bad weather, so I set up a lil' mini studio for my photographs :) aren't they look cute? :p my lil' sis helped to hold the shawl. lol.

p/s: not my day. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

different angle

I tried taking pictures with different angles, from 0-359°. Each of the degrees gives different emotive pictures with the same object. My favourite is 180° today. In spite of the extremely warm weather lately, I still feel very enthusiastic to try out new things. I think this is what people described it as PASSION. It's very dangerous when passion spread like fire in my body. I used to sacrifice my CNY holidays to go for softball training and swimming though I was terribly ill. IF only I have this kind of passion towards my studies, I may have become the Prime Minister. Unfortunately,....... :p  

Anyway, enjoy my photographs :)

From the bottom

From the bottom. I like the way the plant gets the sunlight for survival in this picture.

The pictures would look sharper and more lively with a dslr. The quality is bad because I'm only using my mobile phone to capture all of my photos in my blog. just trying out different angles. Practice makes perfect, right?  :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Comfort Zone

Life has not been a straight line. Ink smeared all over in a piece of clean white paper. Embedded scars and fear deep in the heart. Adopting the strictest definition of a friend. Yet, sincerity, trust, and hope still playing a huge part. Never whisper or whine. I have my own COMFORT ZONE. Always believe there is light, although the dimmest, in a pitch black dark room. Yes, I do tired of all the insincerity. I am still an ordinary homo sapiens. But, I know I am not alone when the world is falling apart. You are hurt too. Believing that seeking solution is always the best way to live life to the fullest. Have your own comfort zone too :)

Enjoy my photographs! 

Beauty is everywhere, define it yourself.
Everything is possible.

Even the tiniest can reveal its beauty.

Let the regret and mistakes be your memories.

Find peace rather than holding grudge. Life is short.

I was almost drown. Then, I learn to swim.

Everyone has the ugliest part in their life. But, overcome it. Make it beautiful.

p/s: i love my life.
all these pictures were taken with sacrifice. high temperature! lol. i still enjoy photography. thank you for spending your time to view my pictures.

with love, suyin.
-i present you the not-so-attractive photographer

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

the VIVID serendipity

Since Chinese New Year is very adjacent, so I thought of taking pictures of vivid colors. And, yeah, I don't need to go far away :)

Enjoy my photographs :)

Add caption

I hope everyone will be having vivid days for CNY.

p/s: my photography skill is still bad in taking close-up pictures. will try harder next time :)
my mom planted all these beautiful flowers. she's great, right? ;)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Beyond an extremist

I had my glorious days and also pang of guilt in this game (would like to keep the story behind the picture)
I have been playing softball since I was 13. Seriously, the ball is not as soft as the name described. I got hit right straight to my left eye, being half-unconscious once, sprained my right shoulder for uncountable times, injured my back and could not move for 2 weeks twice and so on.. Well, I still love playing softball. It was not merely a game that passes through my life. It had given me a very big impact. It was not easy for me to overcome throughout the years. It was a bullet in my body. A lot pain, not physically. It was an extremity that triggered in every each of my nerves everytime I think about it. Yes, very severe.

I almost broke my middle finger at my right hand when I was 11.Well, I like to sweat in style. LOL!
Enjoy the rest of my photographs

My campus life is not that great but there is still beauty that could catch my eyes :) 

My friend, Sham said that life is like a Tyre. Her theories are extraordinary. :p

dirty or not, I love lying down on the grass after my sports :)

Besides, I am also currently active in working out in the gym, swimming and taekwando. 

p/s: I am still improving my photography skills. All the photos are taken with my phone. I'm trying to get a DSLR soon.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

I'm alone.

this lil doll had been with me since i was 6. lots of memory recalled  since then

Sometimes, I wish I could express myself better. There had been a lot of misunderstandings of my thoughts, of what I really wish to speak out, of what I really truly feel. I'm all alone with my unheard thoughts. But, I never blame anyone for the wrong thoughts they have in me. Cuz' even me, myself, I feel like I do not belong in me. One thing for sure is I never want to hurt anyone I loved especially my family and friends. I know I behaved contrary at times. I plead for forgiveness. I wish this blog could help me to express myself better gradually.   

p/s: I love photography. I will use my photographs solely in my blog :)