Thursday, 17 May 2012

It's too late to say too late

There are some things that we don't talk about.
Better rather than a word.
Things compile time to time,
giving a taste of toleration
just to obtain a lil' joy at that very short point of life.
Ashamed and proud of?
Just hold a smile with a fist
such fear and pressure you had
All worth for the one worth dying for
 But, when things are falling apart
when nothing can return with one piece of all bricks
when we don't really know why
it burst and burnt
it's too late to even say too late
you can never say a thing
not even a goodbye
but only to let it flow like ashes
May they fly to the sky of all freedom
just imagine you are the king of all kings
I will be your angel when all are crumbling
nothing beyond.

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