Sunday, 6 May 2012

It was just like yesterday

I was sitting on a swing with you
We were talking like best friends
Your strong legs were supporting the swing, as mine were too short and weak

We were on a same table
I could see sparks in your eyes
I never fail to love your jokes

I was young with loads of stupidity, most gave me a complete ignorance
But, never you
Instead, you joined my wonderland
You had no idea how much it meant to me

I could feel your warm heart
your voice
 It was all like yesterday.
I know I could not go through the same anymore
But, you are always in my heart.
The value of the moments we had is indescribable
They are priceless

 My photographs here are specially dedicated for you

"You will be missed"

"A moment of thought of  you"

"For You"

R.I.P my third grand uncle

Life is so fragile
Yesterday, he was still standing next to you
having deep talks with you
holding your hands
feeling his warm body
Today, there is no more
but only memories.

Appreciate love ones everyday
we don't own "every" tomorrow in life.

Love, suyin

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