Saturday, 26 May 2012

Power, wealth, control and stupidity

When human have power and wealth, they change.
They forget.
They lost remembrance of their journey.
They dig very deep into the world
to push away people into hell.
not wanting anyone to be like them
giving the weak ones multiples of hardship.
They concern so much about the whole world
They want to take CONTROL.
Again, they forget the minor things in life that matters so much to the weak civilian
 the people that are climbing up the ladder with sweat and blood
They forget that they used to be the weakest.

I'm afraid that I might turn up one like them.
I never want to be like them, not even want to be near to the monstrous
I do not want to control over things that would leave people drowning.
I want to remember my journey.
Now that I could see crystal clear of the people with power, control and wealth
because I am thousands miles under the seabed.
I give them my greatest sympathy.
they have lost their humble, resulting so much hatred but not love.

0n the 10.10.10, I had a friend who told me that "my brother was almost dead in the accident but I still stay to fight for my competition. Where were your sense of responsibility?"
I was silent.
It was not a mere silence.
It did not lead to my agreement as well
I gave up explaining myself.
It was a mourn silence in the middle of an egoistic war of people with no wealth and power.
I feel grief sorrow that people could choose power and control over family.
What's in their mind?
What are responsibility, wealth, power, control and status when your loved ones are in a stain of blood?
Nothing but stupidity.

I blog.
As my reminder.

This is a picture with all words beyond the dictionaries could have.
The hardship that I had gone through.
Fear and the crush of heaven.
It was PAIN.

-this is not a picture of a student burning the midnight oil though I did burnt the midnight oil till 8.30am. A.M I was saying-

ps: I could understand the nature of the people with power, control and great wealth.
but those without all the above but only a lil' wealth and with a lil' luxurious life, where they are still being controlled, yet wanting to put people down, what do I categorised them?

people like them should listen to the song 'breakaway by kelly clarkson'

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