Sunday, 25 March 2012

Remorse and Love

Remorse the life passed on is not bringing me any further
I know that I can't go back to something that I slipped away
but, I do not wish to witness something that could recall the past 
Do I have a choice?
I never like to escape from reality
I don't want to hold myself back
However, it's not wrong to choose to be happy
at least for a short moment
I have been thinking so much about life that I'm searching
I almost lost remembrance that I could create a life that I want
I just need to go through the obstacles running in my blood and veins.

Enjoy my photographs I created 
 I present you the 1930's 

Romeo and Juliet

The Air of Love

Your Existence

A girl with an unbreakable dream

Afterall, I'm just an ordinary person
we, just like the birds chirping on a love tree
building me a castle with branches and dried leaves
waiting for you in my kingdom
with a petal of rose flower at your beak
crossing half of the globe to find my love
caress my feather with your wings of courage
such love I adore so much
our life is so short and fragile
waking up seeing your smile every morning
only the soul of love compiles me
your existence is my endearment
- creative writing by Chee Su Yin 

 i think the photographs are more amazing with love poetic words, coupled with a love song. hehe. my favourite, flightless bird, american mouth :)
did a lil' studies on the early 1900's photographs. i love the sepia and black and white effect so much. besides, the photos last for a longer period with great conditions compared to now.

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