Thursday, 15 March 2012

Art is all the definitions

It's my blog 2-month-old today :)
I thought it was hard to find inspiration to take pictures in my campus
but then, I realised that art is all the definitions.

Enjoy my photographs :)
This machine vehicle is too adorable. I took a few shots of it after my class :)

Hello, I'm Zen-Noh and I'm handsome :p this is a spoiler but i like the angle :)

my days have been hectic lately and homesick.
-but, there was a moment that I was so sick and tired yet I appreciate that very moment as I know it's gonna be my unforgettable sweet memory with my friends in Terengganu :)

life is too short. laugh and smile while you still have teeth. lol. saw this post in my fb news feed

law dinner is tomorrow. been busy making the lil' disco balls :p

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