Tuesday, 10 April 2012


When doubt exists, pull off.
doubt is never right.
don't think in a trice.

Doubt, a form of negative pressure pushing in one person.
It kills like a rusted blunt knife into flesh.
putting me into nowhere position, dilemma it seems.

When doubt comes, my mind is like a mixture of oil and water,
never blend together.
they stuck in their very own position.
ended up, lost.

I am still using my mobile phone to capture "the moment of art" :p
I have no idea when to get my dslr. 
still having doubt with my skills and commitment, I guess.

Enjoy my photographs :)

"the hidden joy"

"I tried to shine but you covered me with branches and leaves".
my mobile phone catches a lot of noise in the dark :(

I am always in doubt, not because I'm lost.
 Because I love both left and right troops. 
yes, ended up alone.
then, the unheard whisper.


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