Monday, 16 January 2012

Beyond an extremist

I had my glorious days and also pang of guilt in this game (would like to keep the story behind the picture)
I have been playing softball since I was 13. Seriously, the ball is not as soft as the name described. I got hit right straight to my left eye, being half-unconscious once, sprained my right shoulder for uncountable times, injured my back and could not move for 2 weeks twice and so on.. Well, I still love playing softball. It was not merely a game that passes through my life. It had given me a very big impact. It was not easy for me to overcome throughout the years. It was a bullet in my body. A lot pain, not physically. It was an extremity that triggered in every each of my nerves everytime I think about it. Yes, very severe.

I almost broke my middle finger at my right hand when I was 11.Well, I like to sweat in style. LOL!
Enjoy the rest of my photographs

My campus life is not that great but there is still beauty that could catch my eyes :) 

My friend, Sham said that life is like a Tyre. Her theories are extraordinary. :p

dirty or not, I love lying down on the grass after my sports :)

Besides, I am also currently active in working out in the gym, swimming and taekwando. 

p/s: I am still improving my photography skills. All the photos are taken with my phone. I'm trying to get a DSLR soon.

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  1. Good job sis! Welcome to the blogging life.. maybe you can check out some photography blogs to improve you skills. :) There's a lot out there :) And join photography forums to pick up some skills :)