Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Comfort Zone

Life has not been a straight line. Ink smeared all over in a piece of clean white paper. Embedded scars and fear deep in the heart. Adopting the strictest definition of a friend. Yet, sincerity, trust, and hope still playing a huge part. Never whisper or whine. I have my own COMFORT ZONE. Always believe there is light, although the dimmest, in a pitch black dark room. Yes, I do tired of all the insincerity. I am still an ordinary homo sapiens. But, I know I am not alone when the world is falling apart. You are hurt too. Believing that seeking solution is always the best way to live life to the fullest. Have your own comfort zone too :)

Enjoy my photographs! 

Beauty is everywhere, define it yourself.
Everything is possible.

Even the tiniest can reveal its beauty.

Let the regret and mistakes be your memories.

Find peace rather than holding grudge. Life is short.

I was almost drown. Then, I learn to swim.

Everyone has the ugliest part in their life. But, overcome it. Make it beautiful.

p/s: i love my life.
all these pictures were taken with sacrifice. high temperature! lol. i still enjoy photography. thank you for spending your time to view my pictures.

with love, suyin.
-i present you the not-so-attractive photographer


  1. so prettyyyy ! i cannot decide which i like the best or better. great; beyond words. :)

    LOVE IT !!!!

    1. Thank you soooo much... Your compliment worth my sunburn.. hehe