Thursday, 19 January 2012

different angle

I tried taking pictures with different angles, from 0-359°. Each of the degrees gives different emotive pictures with the same object. My favourite is 180° today. In spite of the extremely warm weather lately, I still feel very enthusiastic to try out new things. I think this is what people described it as PASSION. It's very dangerous when passion spread like fire in my body. I used to sacrifice my CNY holidays to go for softball training and swimming though I was terribly ill. IF only I have this kind of passion towards my studies, I may have become the Prime Minister. Unfortunately,....... :p  

Anyway, enjoy my photographs :)

From the bottom

From the bottom. I like the way the plant gets the sunlight for survival in this picture.

The pictures would look sharper and more lively with a dslr. The quality is bad because I'm only using my mobile phone to capture all of my photos in my blog. just trying out different angles. Practice makes perfect, right?  :)


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