Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I'm not sick, just a bit unwell

I'm not sick, just a bit unwell is a non-fiction book written by Yvonne Fong, a Malaysian. I read this book 5  years ago but I still remember every details of it. This is a book about how Yvonne Fong herself has been struggling in her entire life fighting against her illness.Her dream is to obtain a degree. However, her eyesight is almost near to blindness because of her health condition. But, her determination did not prevent her from reaching her ambition.
This book suddenly came across my mind when I had severe sore throat and slight fever in the past 2 days. Even a sip of water took me a few seconds to gulp. And, I feel very envy to those who are having the pinkest health right now, those who can enjoy good food. I always complain every second about how fat I am though many said I'm fit. I realised those 'fats' are blessings. :p And all of the sudden, I was thinking of those who are suffering from throat cancer or any kind of cancers that torture them every moment. I was thinking when was their last good night sleep. Cuz' I couldn't sleep well although having only slight fever that caused me body ache all over. I wonder if they are jealous everyday to those with great health.

I almost lost the remembrance of the word  'GRATEFUL'

I have been complaining so much about every single minor things of myself like not having a good brain. lol. and of course, my body. I do feel annoying about myself. I got to stop before worst things happen.


not really amazing photographs but I love the concept of them :)

I took all these pictures in Ipoh train station, also known as Majestic Hotel many years ago. A very nice historical place.

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  1. Where got 5 years ago la... the book I bought home one. It was like 4 years only.. I only know Yvonne like 4 years back in my 2nd year in uni. Anyway, she is doing much better these days :) You can check out her blog