Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Not a Dream, but Reality!

Hoping that it was only a nightmare once awake.
But, the ground is still.
The air is real. 
The sun is hot.
Standing on the floor and it is more than a reality.

It is still the same.

 People have been wondering the background of my blog. I forgot to post it.
Here you go. It is not a moon.

I took this randomly in an almost-demolish restaurant near my campus. It was a round florescent light bulb.

p/s: shamely, i do not have photoshop in my pc. -.-"
all my pictures in my blog were taken solely dependent on my mobile phone.
they were mostly edited using some applications from my phone and picasa 3 in my pc.
so,some photographs are not satisfying enough.  
i still enjoy photography :) - at last a smile in the pc.

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